Export Service

Logistics Services
Including: booking, trailer, all kinds of transportation (such as shipping, air, land, sea, land and air multimodal transport)

Customs clearance service
Provide customs clearance services for the business before and after the export of goods at various ports across the country.
Provide various types of documentary services such as export export inspection documents, export declaration documents, certificate of origin, business certificate, consular certification, insurance policy, etc.

结算服务.jpgSettlement service
Checkout payment
Mandatory audit contract
Integrated document tax refund
Check reconciliation
Assist in handling

信保服务.jpgLetter insurance service
Credit investigation, providing credit insurance services
Apply for buyer limit, enter and enroll after shipment
Provide assistance for claims after damage

信用证.jpgLetter of credit service
Letter of credit pre-audit, positive certificate review
After the card is issued, the document is submitted
Provide financing services based on customer needs

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